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Does “Deja Vu” Exist? What is the Science behind it?🗯

Does it ever happened to you that an event that is taking place has happened earlier also and it is repeating?

Does it ever happened to you that during dreams you are still a kid and going to school?!


  1. You can’t name it “Deja vu” in a Dank way all the time!

Now in this article I’m gonna reveal the science behind this…called parallel universe👇




As per “Quantum mechanics”.Electron can exist at multiple States at a time.

  1. Even “HeisenBerg Uncertainty Principle” states that a Photon(light particle) must exist in two places at a time with opposite spin.



This can easily seen

  1.  If we pass a laser through the glass prism or a spherical glass object. same light particle(Photon) can be seen at different position in the form of spots.


Since Human is made of particles then this behaviour must also be present for humans as well

  1. This means that multiple copy of same human in different parallel universe.
























This means

 Hitler may have won “WORLD WAR -2”  in some other parallel universe


Hiroshima and Nagasaki may have not bombed  in other parallel universe.

The universe is 

Literally duplicated splitting into one universe for each possible outcome from the measurement⬅

For example, say an object wave function is both a particle and a wave.

  1. When a physicist measures the particles there are two possible outcomes.
  2. it will either be measured as a particle or wave

The universe makes copies of itself to account for all the possibilities and this duplicates will proceed independently.
■ every time a photon is measured, for instance, a scientist in one universe will analyse it in waveform and the same scientist in another universe will analyse it in particle form.

■ each of these Universe offer a unique and independent Reality That coexists with other parallel universes.


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